Years ago, someone I knew did a parody on the phrase “guns don’t kill people; people kill people”.  His parody:  People kill people with handguns.  He was big on regulating handguns, but nothing really changed.

Now the phrase should be:  People kill people with AR15 style assault rifles—much more efficiently as witnessed by the recent shootings in Buffalo NY, Texas, and Highland Park Il.

Defenders of the right to bear AR15 and other military grade assault rifles say they need them, as one leader in Arkansas said, to hunt wild pigs.  Really?  How did wild pigs get hunted for the 10 years that assault rifles were banned in 1993? No pork for you, bro.  Others say it is their constitutional right to arm themselves however they please.  Really?   Seems like they forgot about the “real regulated militia” part of the second amendment.  If they can have any armament they want, why can’t they have a bazooka or a machine gun?  Apparently, there are limits.

The Supremes recently struck down a NY law that required people to show cause if they were allowed to carry heat outside the home.  They say that a constitutional right shouldn’t be abridged by some bureaucratic state law.  They also said that a football coach who dropped to his knees and prayed at the 50-yard line and invited his players to participate did not violate the separation of church and state as outlined in the constitution.  I wonder the outcome if the outcome would have been different if he were Muslim?  Finally, they gutted the authority of the feds to regulate emissions, stating that congress had not given explicit authority to do so.  Time will tell the impact on other regulatory bodies of government.

Speaking of regulation, congress recently passed a meager law that will limit a minor’s access to AR style guns.  It also pours a ton of dough into “mental health” and school security, because we all know the problem is not guns, but crazy individuals prone to shoot-em-ups.  Oh well, it is a start.  Now on to things that will really make a difference—like banning civilian sales of military style assault weapons?  We’ve done it before. You can still kill pigs with hunting rifles.

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