On Easter Sunday a half foot of snow dropped here in Minnesota.  Yesterday afternoon snow squalls came through.  They say we might get more this afternoon, but don’t worry, it will gradually warm up as the week progresses.

Here in the upper Midwest they say April is the cruelest month.  That would be true in normal times, but these aren’t normal times.  So far 2020 has been the cruelest year with the shut- down imposed by the stay at home order to prevent the spread of the virus.  We’ve been keeping connected with friends and family via FaceTime and Zoom, but it’s not the same.  I want to hug my daughter and grandson, but I’m afraid it will be a while.  I also want to get out and play golf, but good luck with that for now.  I’m getting familiar with my street as I go out for walks when the weather permits.  Aaargh!

Speaking of snow jobs, I’ve stopped watching the Narcissist in Chief’s daily campaign infomercials promoted as virus updates.  I’m tired of him clashing with reporters and pumping up his own ego by proclaiming what a great job he is doing.  Oh, yes, and he claims he has the ultimate authority to tell the states when to open up for business.  His committee on opening up contains a bunch of businesspeople and cronies, and apparently not one public health expert.  Guess what they will recommend?  Aargh!

Experts say the key to opening up is testing.  Less than one percent of the population has been tested for the coronavirus.  Mayo Clinic and others have developed a test that determines whether or not someone has antibodies, which means they have likely had the virus and recovered.  The assumption is they are immune, but no one knows for sure and no one knows for how long.  Already China is experiencing a second surge after they thought they had licked it with draconian suppression measures.  In the meantime, the US has experienced over a half a million cases and over twenty thousand deaths.  Experts say the actual infection rate is likely much higher.  And POTUS likely wants to open up America for business by next month.  Aargh!

April snow will melt.  Grass will get green.  Flowers will bloom.  Migrating birds will come back.  But when can I go out and play?  Makes me want to say—Aargh!


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