Sung to the tune of the MTA Song as sung by the Kingston Trio


Come gather ‘round friends and I’ll tell you a story

On this tragic and fateful day

He put his cell phone in his pocket

Kissed his wife and family

And was told to stay home today



Will he ever return, no he’ll never return

His fate is still unlearned

He may stay at home forever

Until this virus goes away

To his job he may never return


Charlie went online for benefits to apply

For money while he couldn’t work

When he finally got through

They said, “what’s with you?”

Don’t lie to us and be a jerk




Charlie said I’m tryin’

And I ain’t a lyin’

I really do need the bread

I’m not bein’ craven

I have very little savings

I need an unemployment check instead




Now, all day long Charlie sits in his home

No longer does he roam

He knows deep in his guts

He’s going slowly nuts

Inside the four walls of his home




Now you citizens of this land

Don’t you think it less than grand

How we must stay away

From each other every day

And to sports not be a fan




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