In three weeks, winter solstice will officially arrive marking the beginning of winter and the day where sunlight begins to get longer.  Here in the northland unofficial winter arrived just before and after Thanksgiving with two big snowstorms messing up travel.  Yesterday I ran my snow blower attacking about eight inches of snow that had hardened to the consistency of concrete when freezing rain fell on top of it.  It was a drag shoveling off my deck as well.  Heavy, wet “heart attack” snow.  Klare was out attacking it with her snowplow shovel as well.  Oh well, the job got done.  This morning I see that another half inch or so dropped.  Will have to go at it today but shouldn’t be so bad.  As they say in Minnesota, it could be worse. We could be in Duluth digging out after a blizzard.

The Minnesota gopher football team hoped to retain Paul Bunyan’s axe and get invited to the Rose Bowl this year.  Those hopes were dashed when the Wisconsin Badgers ran all over them last Saturday in a snowstorm.  Oh well, with a record of 10 and 2 the rodents should be getting a good bowl game this year in a warm weather venue, away from winter. Tonight, the Minnesota Vikings, who are doing well this year as well, play Seattle Seahawks in Seattle—a tough team in a tough venue.  As the Commander in Chief likes to say:  we’ll see what happens.

You were wondering when I’d get around to politics, weren’t you?  This week the House Judiciary Committee takes up the issue of impeachment, having been supplied with voluminous documentation from the House Intelligence Committee.  The President has been invited to participate and/or send representatives or lawyers to advocate on his behalf.  At this point it is not clear whether he will take them up on the offer, although he is clear he thinks the process is a sham, a hoax, and a witch hunt.  According to polls about half of Americans think he should be impeached and removed, forty percent think not, and the remaining ten percent are asleep.  We’ll see what happens.

Seasons come and go.  The football season, the baseball season, the NBA playoffs.  In Minnesota winter runs from November to April.  A lot of time to hunker down and reflect, or, if you are energetic and have the right equipment, to go out and play in the snow.  It could be worse.   We could be living in low lying coastal areas vulnerable to hurricanes.  Or in California, prone to wildfires and earthquakes.

In the meantime, take winter as it comes.  Wear appropriate clothing.  Wear a hat.  Watch out for frost bite.  Be prepared.



  1. Must be time to play “at least.” At least we’re not living in … or at least our president isn’t… Oh wait, that won’t work. It’s all pretty discouraging, that’s for sure.

    Just listened to a Terry Gross interview with John Prine, from this summer. I always knew we should have invited him on a trip.

    I leave tomorrow for AMsterdam, and am very much looking forward to being away from this craziness for awhile, though of course we can’t help ourselves and still follow the news. We return January 31 for a couple of weeks, to get a sense of what’s happening with Steve’s brother. He’s now in a nursing home, which is a huge relief. It means we don’t have to worry about whether he’s being fed or bathed, and if he falls someone is there to deal with it. But he’s as irascible as ever. Guess that will never change.

    Hope you have a very joyous holiday season, and get lots of time with your family, especially Eli.




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