“Hope Springs Eternal”—Alexander Pope

The leaves on the lilac bush are coming out, and the rhubarb is poking through the ground.  Cardinals are chasing each other in the woods, and I think I saw a robin the other day.  This year winter has held on like a bulldog, and there are predictions of snowy slush to the South of us today.  Nevertheless I saw a butterfly, and a dragonfly buzzed around me yesterday. Spring is inevitable—I think.

Growing up I remember saying to myself:  “I don’t want to miss Spring this year.”  Then I got busy with other stuff and before you know it, it was summer.  Now that I’m retired I have more time to watch Spring emerge.  Soon the woods will display a light green patina as the new growth comes forth.

In 1962 Rachel Carson’s book Silent Springled to a ban on the pesticide DDT, despite strong opposition from the chemical industry.  As a result the bald eagle has come back from the verge of extinction. Her work was a milestone in the environmental movement, and sparked legislative and regulatory regulations that have protected us from further poisoning our planet.  Unfortunately the current regime in Washington is hell bent on reversing regulations unleashing industry to do whatever they want without regard to the environment.  If you think that sentence is too “political”, prove me wrong.

There is comfort in knowing Spring will spring.  In knowing Old Man Winter will melt away.  In knowing life will renew.  In finding hope notwithstanding many reasons to fret.  I plan not to miss Spring this year.  Celebrate!

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