Not A Good Idea

It’s probably not a good idea to sit and write something you know will likely not be a masterpiece and so what if it is not

I’m still trying, so there

It’s probably not a good idea to spit in the face of a bear although I’ve never done that but the other day there was a bear in my back yard I’m not joking, it was really there and I called out to him or her or whatever it was but it was definitely a bear and he or she or whatever it was turned and looked at me like what the hell but I never got close enough to spit in his or her face not that I would do that I’m not that crazy although there are those that would disagree

There are neighbors who are posting pictures of the bear, some are calling him or her Arnold, not sure why, on a website and that’s cool because what the hell how many times do you get to see a bear in your own back yard not many if you live in the exurbs like I do that is becoming more like a suburb which is kind of like a city but I digress because I think it would be really cool if the bear got close enough to me that I could spit in his face

Not really, why would I want to do that?  It would likely piss him or her or it or whatever it is off and he or her or it would attack me and I would deserve it because I was being such a douche for spitting in the face of a bear whose mind was probably saying what is this douche doing spitting in my face and what did I ever do to deserve such an insult, so I think I’ll just go and rip his head off which I most certainly can do because I am quick and strong and have claws

I did not mean to write about spitting in bears faces or having my head ripped off as a consequence, but once you get started on these things you never know where they will end up which is another way of saying there are many paths to exploring things that are not good ideas

Like Jim Croce, a wonderful songwriter who died in a plane crash (don’t they all?) once wrote:  You don’t pull on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask from the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim. Who is Jim?

It occurs to me that I could write 42 pages of stuff that are bad ideas and not even scratch the surface.  There are so many things that are bad ideas that one could say there is a plethora of them.  I just said that to use the word plethora.  Right on.


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