Mother’s Milk

In recent news the NY Times has reported that the U.S. has opposed a U.N. resolution supporting breast feeding.  I am no expert, but I understand science has supported the advantages of breast milk for human mammals, and promoters of breast-feeding are trying to encourage mothers, particularly third world mothers that it is great to let the tyke suckle.  Apparently American baby formula makers sense a threat, and have lobbied the current administration to oppose this resolution.  This has occurred at an international meeting of the U.N.’s body that advises on health matters.

The report states that Ecuador was going to introduce the resolution.  The U.S. then threatened economic sanctions and withdrawal of military aid.  We don’t mess around.  However, it was also reported that the resolution would be introduced anyway by Russia. We didn’t threaten any retaliation on the Ruskies.  Imagine that.  Wonder why.

The administration denies trying to discourage breast-feeding.  They deny threatening sanctions but the Times is sticking to their story.  Their position is that women should have a choice.  Again, imagine that.  Wonder how that squares with reproductive rights—should women have a choice regarding birth control and abortion?

I didn’t realize that the baby formula lobby was so powerful.  Makes me wonder what else I don’t realize.

What I do realize is that Trump has nominated a conservative to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, and people who support birth control and a woman’s right to choose are up in arms sensing an overturn of Roe vs. Wade, or at the very least, a support of restrictive state laws.  I anticipate weeks of senate hearing rancor, fawning by supporters, doomsday pronouncements by opponents, and non-answers by the candidate.  I also think he will be confirmed.  Even if he isn’t, Trump will just run up another Federalist Society approved candidate up the flagpole.  Sorry, Democrats, elections have consequences.

Speaking of consequences, I heard that young women are riled up and will lead a blue wave vote in the mid-terms this November.  Go get ‘em, ya mothers!





  1. Thanks for your lucid posts, as always.

    I want to tell our story of our Arizona trip to the Coronado National Forest, because the hypocrisy of the patrol strategy was so vivid. I especially remember encountering the large group of immigrant families in the creek bed, and how easily the INS could have been intercepting them, but didn’t bother.

    I think that was in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge office at 37257 S Sasabe Rd, Sasabe, AZ 85633. But I don’t have any records of the locations we visited, including our campground.

    Did you keep any records?

    Love, Eric Kara Riedesel Eric Larsson 2440 West 24th Street Minneapolis, MN 55405-2321 612.281.8330 612.281.8331

    Follow me on Twitter:



    1. I’m afraid I didn’t keep any records. What I do remember is being in the back country at a campsite we drove to–I believe in the Buenos Aires NWR. Later we moved on to another site in the same general vicinity, but then seeing trash left behind in a wash that we speculated was an alley for a coyote to lead people across the border. It freaked us out and we took down our tents and went to Tuscon to stay in a motel. I also remember border patrol helicopters flying around. At the time a first hand taste of what was at the time apparently a wave coming in from Mexico. Speaking of borders, I also remember crossing over to Nogales for lunch and seeing some guy try to run past security at the checkpoint. The cops chased him and brought him back in handcuffs. So many years ago…..


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