Trump says his phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Rafensperger was “perfect”. I believe he said the same when he talked to president Zylenskyy before the Russiian invasion.

If the Donald is so into perfection, then why has he been indicted in New York? If he is so perfect then why do only one in four Americans view him favorably—nothwistanding his fund raising over his legal woes. Apparently perfection comes at a price.

One thing is perfectly clea—his undies are in a bunch and he won’t admit it. Maybe at his next rally he’ll tone it down a little—NAH


  1. His undies are perfect, his denials of wrong-doing are perfect, and his pleadings on the Fifth are perfect. Most perfectly disgraced former President ever!


  2. Right on.
    While others sit in jail for petty offenses, and soon for having nasty books in their classroom – He’s treated with kid gloves. Now suing Michael Cohen for half a billion.


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