Here we are at the end of February with a foot of snow on the ground, and surely more to come. They say the drought here might be over unless we get a sudden warm spell that causes the water in the snow to run off Instead of soaking into the soil. All I know is that I was scheduled for a dental checkup this morning, but I rescheduled due to icy roads. Ugh.

Why do we live in Minnesota? Well, for us it’s because we want to be close to friends and family. For that we put up with snow, wind chills, and digging out after a storm. Ugh.

The deer that occasionally traipse through my back woods must be having a hard time finding enough to eat. As they traipse through I watch them raise their heads to trap a few leaves or whatever left for them to eat. Well, dammit, at least I don’t have to be outside in the freezing cold all day and eat leaves. Ugh.

They say Spring will come—someday. In the meantime we must put up with the Winter of our Discontent.

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