State of the Onion, P. 2

Last night Uncle Joe outlined all of his accomplishments during his presidential tenure: jobs, slowing inflation, infrastructure, etc., along with a diminishing COVID pandemic. With all this one wonders why his approval numbers are so low? Could it be because he’s a geezer? The theme might be: look at all the wonderful things I’ve done, so why don’t you love me more?

I’m reminded of what a Russian said about American football: All stand up, all fall down. We will be able to see this phenomenon this weekend at the Super Bowl. You could see this in the State of the Union address where the veep stood up, cuing the dems to do so before they all sat down. Kevin McCarthy, new Republican Speaker, looked bored. He couldn’t control his counterparts as they cat called from the back of the room.

Pundits say that Biden’s tone was one that had him reaching out across the isle. Maybe. But I see rough seas ahead, despite the stink from the State of the Onion.

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