It’s Mine!

Donald Trump says that the material at Mara Logo is “mine”. No, it is not. Federal law requires presidential records be turned over to the national archives. But if you are Trump, who cares about federal law?

They say that possession is nine-tenths of the law. Apparently that’s what The Donald thinks. Looks like he told his movers to box up everything, including news clips and top secret documents and move them to Mara Logo. What he wanted them for, who knows? Maybe he thought he’d be re-instated as prez and he could move all this stuff back to the White House with him when the 2020 election was overturned. Maybe he wanted to blackmail foreign adversaries, who knows?

Now he is running for prez again! His theme is Make America Great and Glorious Again. MAGAGA! Excuse me, there is something in the back of my throat. Whether his latest hat in the ring will materialize, or whether he will fizzle out, who knows? After his candidates under performed during the recent mid-terms, the base seems shakier.


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