So a judge has given the green light to appoint a “Special Master” to review documents taken from Trump’s country club to determine whether or not some should be excluded from further investigation because they either were covered by “executive privilege” or were private documents irrelevant to a potential criminal investigation.  The net effect:  delay, which is what Trump wanted all along.

Let me see how this works.  If I am an ordinary defendant under investigation, can I go to a judge and request a special master during the investigation process?  Can I claim special privileges?  If not, why not me and why a former president who should not be “above the law”.

I’ve heard there are 10,000 documents to be reviewed.  The judge says she doesn’t have the time to review them all, therefore the job goes to the special master.  I conjure up someone with green eye shades sitting down next to a pile of paper, going through them one by one, and sorting out those that don’t qualify.  The judge has given until Friday to come up with names for this appointment—someone who is “independent”.  I wonder if they will actually read every one of the 10,000.  I wonder if they will be paid by the hour? 

How would you like that job?  I hear that they will be looking at perhaps a retired judge.  So let me get this straight.  Find someone who is retired, yet willing to go through 10,000 documents is a mind-numbing process that could drag on for months.  Who will be that Master of Disaster?

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