After the massacre in Uvalde Texas, leaving nineteen children and two teachers dead, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent thoughts and prayers.  He also stated that an anonymous donor had set aside $175,000 to pay for the funerals.  He also outlined a number of other freebees that the citizens of the town could avail themselves of.   In other words, unlimited help in the aftermath, but no recommendation for changes to gun safety laws that would prevent the shootings in the first place.  For example, no change to the law that permits an eighteen year old from buying an AR15 assault rifle and purchasing a truckload of ammunition.

Funerals are being held this week for the victims.  Funeral homes in Uvalde are overwhelmed.  The Texas association of funeral home directors are pitching in to process.  There is even a facial recognition expert who will reconstruct the faces of the victims.  Can you imagine?

After initially praising the quick response of law enforcement, Governor Abbott is now “livid” that he was misled.  Apparently, a group of officers were in the building a hour before SWAT backup came in and killed the shooter.  What were they doing?  Nothing.  Even though their training was to move to the source and take him out with what you have at hand.  So much for training.  Investigations will occur.

There are demonstrations throughout the country imploring congress to do something.  Republicans contend that we should “harden” schools, arm teachers, and invest more in mental health.  In other words, do everything except restrict access to firearms. Even modest proposals like background checks and red flag laws, which the public overwhelmingly support, stand little chance of passing a filibuster in the senate.  There will be a lot of chest-banging, and what will change after words:  little or nothing.

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