The evidence is undeniable.  Bodies on the street in Bucha, Ukraine, hands tied and shot in the back of the head.  Civilians.  If that isn’t a war crime, what is?

Who is guilty?  The soldiers that carried out the killings?  The commanders that let it happen?  The Russian president who ordered the occupation in the first place?  Yes.  America had its Mi Lai.  Nazi Germany had its holocaust.  Stalin had his purges.  Now modern-day Russia can join the parade of genocide.

I’m afraid it will get worse.  Putin thought his forces would be greeted as liberators.  Instead, what he got was a fierce resistance from everyday Ukrainians.  So, when he couldn’t overtake Kyiv, he pulled back and now is concentrating on the eastern and southern part of the country.  He is backed into a corner, and apparently thinks that the only solution is to press forward with a scorched earth siege-like effort.  Apparently, sanctions will not stop him.

The rest of the world is calling for him to be held accountable as a war criminal.  How does that work?  There will be investigations, and a possible trial in front of some world court.  It is unlikely he would even show up.  At the end of the day, it may only amount to hand wringing.

In the meantime, the war goes on.  Ukrainians are brave, but how long can they hold out against relentless shelling?  The west is sending supplies, but so far not military forces, which is understandable.  No one wants to start World War III.  But for Ukrainians WWIII has already started.  Unfortunately they will be the victims of more war crimes.

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  1. I think the war crimes court at the Hague requires the defendant to be present – meaning the alleged perp has to have been arrested and held in its custody. Otherwise the waiting list would be miles long! And even more kilometers! But I’m sure there are plenty of other courts, many of them theatrical, willing to try someone in absentia.


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