Ivermetin—a medication used to kill parasites in horses and other animals—is now being touted in some circles as a prevention and cure for COVID.  This despite the fact that not only is there no scientific evidence that it works, but in fact it can be harmful or even fatal if ingested.

How did this happen?  Apparently the same “news” outlets that promoted other hoaxes, like hydroxychloroquine, got ahold of some “evidence” and put out the message that horse medicine works.  Not sure how this came about, but now some are clamoring to get prescriptions, and some even are trying to obtain it through veterinarians.

What I’m trying to fathom is the mind-set that would gravitate towards these “cures” notwithstanding a lack of any scientific evidence regarding efficacy.  Oh, now I get it.  It is the word scientific.  It is distrust of experts.  It is the same people who think that government is not on their side, but the problem.  It is the same people that get their news from FOX, and conspiracy sites on the internet. 

A while back I had a “discussion” with a relative who lives in Tennessee.  She contended that because she had COVID and recovered that she was now immune and didn’t need a vaccine.

No, I said.  I’ve heard that immunity doesn’t last and may not protect against new variants.  I asked where she got her information, and she responded that it was from credible sources.  I told her that I’ve been vaccinated with no ill effects.  She responded that she respected my choice, but it was her choice not to get the vaccine.  I don’t know if she is suspectable to the horse medicine cure, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  I gave up.

It comes down to this:  the only effective prevention is the vaccine, the only proven thing that works.  Hospitals are filling up with the unvaccinated as the Delta variant rampages.  Why some people will refuse to get vaccinated, and yet gravitate towards unproven “cures” like horse medicine, I’ll never know.  I guess it boils down to where you get your information and whom do you trust.  For me, I’ll choose the science.

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