A condition of prolonged uncertainty…

Limbo, according to Roman Catholic dogma, also refers to the souls of unbaptized infants and those who lived before Christ, hanging somewhere in the ether not exactly sure how to get unstuck.  Apparently, it is one of the rooms of hell until the Savior comes to rescue them.  Not being Catholic, not sure I got this right, but close enough.

In a broader sense we are living in a “condition of prolonged uncertainty” with a little over a month left until the Current Occupant of the White House packs up and gives the keys to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  He claims widespread election fraud, but his Attorney General Barr says there is none that would change the outcome of the election.  As he loses court cases, and Republican governors certify the election for Biden, his desperation increases.  In the meantime, he is still the prez, and is doing things like increasing the ways to execute people, weakening environmental regulations, and poisoning the well as much as possible before the damn Democrats take over.  We are in limbo until the new administration comes in.  Even after that there will be many messes to clean up.

With the coronavirus raging nationwide, public health experts are encouraging continued caution—masks, social distancing, etc.—until the vaccine comes online.  Experts are meeting to determine the distribution, who will be first in line, and when the rest of us will get it.  The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The bad news is it is a long tunnel.  In the meantime, we are in limbo.

We are stuck at home, waiting for the day we can all go out and play.  Or be able to go to a ball game.  Or be able to see our families outside of Zoom.  2020 is just about done.  Good riddance.  Hopefully 2021 will be different.  Hopefully we can be out of limbo and get on with our lives.

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