I’ve heard that after you chop off a chicken’s head the body continues to run around—apparently in shock or denial.  Speaking of shock and denial, Donald Trump continues to run around claiming the election was rigged and he really won—after his electoral head got chopped off.  Now Arizona has been called for Biden, putting him way over the 270 electoral college votes he needs to be president.  Trump has holed himself up and is plotting revenge by firing anyone around him he deems disloyal.  That includes staffers who are dusting off their resumes.  One can imagine the job interview:

“I see you used to work at the White House.”

“I did.”

“What did you do there?”

“Basically, sucked up to the president.”

“I see, we’ll let you know.”

Meanwhile the virus is raging out of control, despite Trumps historic attempts to minimize it.  Remember, “like a miracle it will go away”?  Tell that to over 10 million infected and nearly a quarter million dead.  Tell that to most of the states that are seeing a surge and running short of health care staff and ICU beds. There is a promising new vaccine on the horizon, but what are the plans for manufacturing on a large scale, distribution, and building the infrastructure needed to keep it extremely cold?  No plans from this administration.  At least Biden has formed a task force of experts.

As Trump continues to turn over the keys to the kingdom to the President-Elect and his team, who knows what mischief he’ll implement in the next couple of months before the moving van pulls up on January 20?  After all, he’s still the prez.  And what about the Republicans who are enabling his delusions?  They are all headless chickens, too.  Bwwwaak, Bwwwaak!

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