Well, the suspense is over.  Pennsylvania put Joe Biden over the top at now 273 electoral votes.  If he wins Nevada, Arizona or Georgia he’ll go even higher.  He has collected over 4 million more votes nationwide.  Eat your heart out, Donald Trump.

Speaking of DJT, he vows to fight on in the courts, asserting that the vote was a fraud perpetuated by slimy Democrats.  Good luck with that.  Are we surprised to see that he won’t go gracefully?  What mischief will he and his Senatorial buddies do over the next few weeks before January 20?  As he is fond of saying, we’ll see what happens.  Indeed.

With the pandemic raging, the economy in the cellar, and the nation woefully divided, Joe Biden is now the dog that finally caught the car.  Will he be able to slow it down, or will he get his teeth caught in the tire and be flopped around on the pavement?  He says he wants to be president of all Americans, even those who didn’t vote for him.  We’ll see what happens.

As the cameras panned the jubilant crowd in NYC I saw a man holding up a sign that read DON THE CON IS GONE.  Well, not quite yet.  No one expects a graceful exit.  Too bad.  Cue the moving van.  One way or another Don the con will be gone.

In the meantime, there is plenty to do:  appoint a staff, select a cabinet, contact governors, call foreign leaders (don’t think Putin is on the top of the list), identify stuff that can be done or undone by executive order, etc.  Whew.  Joe may be the oldest dude to win the White House, but something tells me he and his team will be up to the task.  Something tells me his dog can catch cars.  


  1. Yes, he’s walking into a real mess, that’s for sure. But fortunately he’s not afraid to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is, and he knows how to listen. We’ll see what happens…



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