No shoes, no shirt, no service

Your friends all make me nervous

Just get ‘em out of here

–James McMurtry, Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper in McMurtry’s song didn’t want scruffy guys hanging around his store.  They made him nervous.  Four days before the election Democrats are nervous.  Yes, polls show Biden up in key states, but they remember 2016 that indicated Hillary up in the polls as well.

Elephants are doing everything they can to suppress the vote.  They don’t want absentee votes that come in after the polls close on election day to count, and they are flooding the courts with lawsuits to prevent that. To quote another song from Warren Zevon:  send lawyers, guns and money.  In Minnesota a federal appeals court has ruled that votes that come in after Nov. 3 must be segregated, even though the state had initially claimed that they could be counted later.  The obvious parlay here is for Republicans to challenge the legitimacy of the election if it is close.  The solution:  don’t make it close.  If Biden holds a substantial lead in Minnesota on election night, the game is probably over.  As Trump is fond of saying:  we’ll see what happens.

Over 80 million have already voted nation-wide.  Some project that by election day the number will be 100 million.  Assuming that at least the majority of them are legitimate, what’s to be done?  Trump asserts, without proof, that mail in votes are ripe with fraud.  He is nervous.

We keep hearing that this election is the most consequential in our lifetimes.  Certainly, the country is more polarized than ever.  There is only one thing for sure:  ultimately a winner will be declared, either by the electorate or by the courts.  Another thing for certain:  regardless of the outcome one side or the other will experience a nervous breakdown.

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