Already over 20 million have voted early.  Polls indicate the majority are Democrats, giving energy to those who want to see a change in the White House.  However, in many states, people, particularly those of color, have had to wait in line for hours to submit their vote.  Is this enthusiasm, or suppression?  Could be both.

Donald Trump is telling his rallies that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Really?  By whom?  He is also ranting like a manic toddler, insisting that his Attorney General Barr arrest Joe Biden.  He is denigrating Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him and other scientists like him “idiots”.  I could go on, but you’ve probably seen the news.  

On Thursday there will be the final debate.  Officials say there will be a mute button to shut off the mike of anyone to keep them from interrupting during a candidate’s designated time to hold forth.  Good.  Guess who doesn’t like it?  At this point I’m not sure what Trump can do to turn the tide that clearly seems to be going Biden’s way.  You can bet he will snort and stomp and pitch a fit to get attention.  That’s what desperate manic toddlers do.  

The election is less than two weeks away.  Trump is counting on an election night victory, followed by a court challenge of mail in ballots, which will like lean Democrat.  He is counting on the election being thrown into the Supreme Court, which by that time his recent nominee will be sitting.  The solution:  an overwhelming blue wave on Nov. 3, which can leave no doubt about the winner.  But to achieve that people have to turn out and VOTE.  Remember 2016.  

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