“Experience is a dear teacher, but fools will learn at no other.”

–Ben Franklin

Donald Trump, recently released from the hospital, crows that he has learned a lot about coronavirus due to his experience.  Apparently impressed by his own experience, he says it is not like learning from a book.  What about all those health care experts surrounding him all these months that tried to teach him?  They told him, but he didn’t listen.  Now he advises people to not let the virus dominate them, and that Covid is nothing to be afraid of.  The meta-message:  see, I had it and am doing fine, so you should be OK as well.  Disregarding the fact that he received world-class medical treatment, socialized medicine and helicopter rides paid for by you and me. 

Try telling the families of over 210,000 Americans who have died from the virus that it is no big deal.  Or try telling that to his entourage at the White House that got infected.

Trump’s doctors say he’s not out of the woods yet.  He could relapse after a few days.  Further, the side effects of steroid drugs that he is on can produce symptoms such as grandiosity and low impulse control.  If Trump displays those symptoms one wonders if it is a result of the drugs, or just an extension of his personality.  

One manifestation that calls into question his judgment is his initial pulling the plug on further negotiations with Congress on another coronavirus stimulus bill.  After the stock market dropped, and his Republican buddies hollered, he reversed himself—kind of—and told the law makers to send him a package that would include stimulus checks that he himself would sign and send out to individuals.

In three weeks, there will be an election.  Will we re-elect a megalomaniac con man who is possible medically impaired, or someone who can bring us together?   As Donald is fond of saying, “we’ll see what happens.”  In any event it will be an experience.

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