The other day I got a haircut.  With the senior discount and the tip, I spent twenty dollars.  Now the NY Times reveals that Trump deducted $70,000 for hair styling from his tax returns.  The irony is my hair looks better than his.  Maybe next time he should go to Great Clips and wait in line like I did.  I want to know if I can deduct the cost of my haircuts on my taxes.  What I really want to know is how someone can spend $70,000 for hair styling and still look like a freak?

But wait, there’s more.  According to the Times he has outstanding loans of over $400 million, $300 million of which are coming due in the next four years.  We don’t know who holds the notes, or what they are for, and Trump isn’t telling. Some think that his creditors could influence his decision making as President, setting up a conflict between his own personal financial interests and the country’s.  Ya think?

Hold onto your hats, there is even more.  The Times says Trump has paid no federal income tax for 10 of the last 15 years.  Most recently he paid $750.  How much did you pay, sucker?

Tonight, he and Uncle Joe will square off in the first debate.  It will be interesting to see how the issue of Trump’s finances are handled.  Do you think he will squirm?

Uncle Joe has plenty of other ammunition:  downplaying the coronavirus, gutting the Affordable Care Act with the threat to repeal but no clarity about replace, the ongoing recession, repealing environmental regulations, racists tropes, to name a few.  Maybe he’ll even get a chance to outline a positive vision of the future if he is elected, if Trump and the moderator will let him.

One thing for certain:  If Trump is re-elected the American people will get a haircut.

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