The prez says we are turning the corner on the coronavirus.  Really?  With over 6.5 million infected, and nearly 200,000 dead, where is the corner?  When confronted with his statement to Bob Woodward that he wanted to downplay the virus, and he still wants to downplay it, he contended that he didn’t want to panic the American people.

His re-election strategy is based on fear and panic.  The fear of Black people moving into the suburbs, the fear of Antifa taking over the government, the fear of riots in the streets, the fear of Biden re-imposing Obama era regulations that will choke businesses, etc.  He has no problem with stirring up fear, and he himself is in a panic.

Trump holds rallies with mask-less crowds.  He continues to mock those who wear masks.  He wants colleges to play football, schools to re-open, and people to get back to the office.  He is whistling past the graveyard.  In the meantime, the economy is in the tank, parents are juggling responsibilities as kids are home from school in front of a computer, and health experts are raising the alarm of a potential “twin-hit” of both the coronavirus and the seasonal flu.  But let’s all pretend that everything is OK, that the virus will disappear “like magic”, and there is nothing to see here.

With the revelations from Woodward’s book, we now know that Trump knew as early as February that the virus was serious and deadly.  But he admitted he wanted to downplay it, which he did.  There is a famous line in a movie where Jack Nicholson is on the witness stand and tells Tom Cruise that he “can’t handle the truth.”  Well, Trump seems to think that the American people can’t handle the truth.  The truth is Trump betrayed us, and now we are paying the price.  He points to the light at the end of the tunnel and calls it daylight.  I think it is a freight train coming right for us.

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