Woke up this morning

Feet hit the floor

Turned on the news

Heard it all before


Rachel and Brian

They know the score

I see them on TV nightly

And Heard it all before


The political fabric

Has been ripped and tore

Now we’re in the doldrums

Heard it all before


Shakespeare had it rightly

He told it all before

To be or not to be

Heard it all before


We march for racial justice

On the streets and to the store

Black lives now matter

Heard it all before


In 1918 the flu

Struck our native shore

Now the virus is a-ragin’

Heard it all before


POTUS says don’t worry

He reassures galore

Open up, goddamit

Heard it all before


The Others are comin’ for ya

Jumpin’ at the shore

He’s for law and order

Heard it all before


What price xenophobia?

Are we better off before?

A past that never happened

We’ve heard it all before




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