Limericks for These Times

The pronouncements from doctor Anthony Fauci

Are making everyone grouchy

Is that what he said?

There’ll be thousands more dead

That’s what makes Fauci so grouchy


There was a young boy, O’Toole

Who was made to stay home from school

He never was yearning

For more distance learning

But with his computer he won’t be a fool


While hunkering down from home

Jack felt the keen urge to roam

Oh no, you don’t

You vile Billy goat

Just stay home and write a nice poem


Hey bring me that bottle of Clorox

It’s time to wash out your knee socks

Don’t give me that look

You devious crook

Do you think my head’s full of rocks?


While practicing social distancing

He was amazed by what he learned by listening

To a pundit or three

Who pronounce on TV

With words all shiny and glistening


Willard misses his ball

Now that all sport’s in a stall

Now he’s a slouch

As he sits on the couch

Wondering when it will be fall


Gina wondered when all this would end

On her email she just wanted to send

A message so rough

Saying we’ve had enough

I just want to be with my friends



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