Poncho Canyon

Sung to the tune of Towns Van Zant’s Poncho & Lefty


Livin’ off the rim my friend

Is gonna keep us free and clean

Now you wear your pack like iron

And your boots are full of Vasoline

You weren’t your Mamma’s only boy

But her favorite one it seems

She said goodbye and began to wail

As you marched upon the trail



All the Canyonistas say

We could have backpacked any day

But the years have past, so we’re told

And now we’re growing old


Poncho’s hiking poles did feel

As slick and bold as polished steel

The dust that Lefty kicked down south

Ended up in Poncho’s mouth

As he began to cough and hack

Has the virus landed on his back?

Poncho’s trembling legs did fail

As he tumbled down off the trail




Now the poets sing how Poncho’s arm

Broke the fall when he bought the farm

All his buds began to wail

When poor Poncho fell off the trail

Poncho needs your prayers, it’s true

But save a few for Lefty too

He got rid of Poncho quick

When he tripped the sucker with his stick




Now the world’s a messed-up scene

As we hunker down with Covid- 19

POTUS says it will all be great

As the Visigoth’s clammer at the gate

When it will end, we do not know

Maybe on the trail

Down in Mexico

In the meantime, stay at home

And don’t dare hike the trail and roam






  1. Thank you, Randy, for bringing a smile to my face: for the tune (great one!), for your poetic genius, and for the memories of hiking in the canyon. I look back at those trip with great fondness.


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