Crystal Ball

Hello, children.  Swami Bachramadana here with my crystal ball and prognostications.  Crystal clear:  House of Representatives will vote to impeach Donald Trump tomorrow.  Pretty clear:  Senate will vote to acquit, and he won’t be removed from office.  Kind of clear:   Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, in coordination with the White House will fast track the process to get it over with ASAP.  Somewhat fuzzy:  Absent a fast track, will the Senate want to call witnesses and take further testimony?  Trump would like to put Joe and Hunter Biden on the stand, along with the Whistleblower.  Democrats would like to subpoena Mitch Mulvaney, John Bolton, and Mike Pompeo.  Forecast: doubtful.  Crystal ball goes dim.

Some recent surveys show that the majority of Americans want to see Trump impeached and removed from office. Swami B’s take:  it doesn’t matter.  The fix is in in the Senate, Trump will crow that he’s been exonerated and will do whatever he wants and will solicit foreign interference in the next election.  Speaking of elections, polls that reflect the majority of Americans don’t matter.  What will matter is how swing districts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin vote in November.  It’s called the Electoral College.

It will be interesting to see how many Americans will tune in to the Senate proceedings in January.  Swami B’s prediction:  More will be interested in the NFL playoffs.  Crystal ball’s Superbowl prognostication:  NO Saints 31, Baltimore Ravens 21.  Or it could be different.  Swami B’s preference:  Vikings over KC in a replay of a long-ago Super Bowl.  Don’t hold your breath.

What, you ask, does the crystal ball say about the Democratic nominee?  Billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are trying to buy the nomination.  Sanders and Warren are trying to out-left each other with Medicare for All and Free College.  Mayor Pete’s stock is rising except with African Americans.  Andrew Yang has some pretty wild ideas that will likely go nowhere.  Uncle Joe is plodding along and may stay at the top if he doesn’t get into a fist fight or challenge someone to a pushup contest.  And Amy Klobuchar is, well, from Minnesota.  Winning ticket:  Biden/Klobuchar.  Or it could be different.

Well, children, that’s it for now.  The crystal ball is going dark and must be covered up until next time.  In the meantime, happy holidays to all and go Vikings!


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