So What?

In President Trump’s so-called “perfect” phone call to Ukraine’s President, even his official transcript documents an attempt to get Ukraine to investigate the 2016 election and the Bidens— “Do me a favor, though”.  His defenders say that he was just trying to assure that the military aid funding did not go towards corruption.  In other words, so what?  My question is did he display the same caution when transferring military aid money to other countries, like Saudi Arabia?  In other words, what about that?

Yesterday Colonel Alexander Vindman, a decorated active duty military officer who was listening in on the call to Ukraine, noted that he became concerned that funding appropriated by congress was being used for political purposes.  He believed that holding back military aid to Ukraine jeopardized our national security.  He stated he was a patriot, and that he reported his concerns up the chain of command.  It is unclear what the higher ups did with his report—apparently nothing.  One envisions a collective “so what” shrug.  Now Democrats are lathered up to bring him and others forth in public testimony so that the American people can hear firsthand their stories.  I assume he’ll wear his dress blue uniform.

Trump and Fox and Friends are trying to smear Vindman and other critics as deep state actors, never Trumpers, spies and scum.  One talking head even implied that because Vindman was born in Ukraine that he is somehow a Ukrainian operative, even though he came to the U.S. when he as three years old and has served his country faithfully for years in the military and foreign service.  Yes, he was born in a foreign country—so what?

So what to make of all this?  Trump will be impeached by the House.  Time will tell if the Senate will convict and remove him from office—unlikely, but you never know.  Evidence of wrongdoing will be laid out in testimonies.  Lines will be drawn.  Trump will cry foul and assert that the impeachers are trying to stage a coup.  Impeachers will say they are just doing their constitutional duty because no one is above the law, including the President.  The true deciders will be the court of public opinion—will we say it is time to impeach, convict and remove, or will we shrug our shoulders an say “so what”?


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