I Shall Be Impeached

Here’s a little ditty you can sing to the tune of Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Released, if you know the tune:

I said I am a stable genius

My base thinks I do no wrong

With looming hoofbeats of the donkeys

I decided to write down this song


They say democracy is in peril

From the west down to the east

Any day now, any way now

I shall be impeached


My phone call to Ukraine

Was perfect in every way

I was just exploring the junction

Between the Bidens and corruption


I told Turkey about Syria

I was tired of propping up the Kurds

I told Erdogan we were pulling out

So he could flush them like some turds


Congressional subpoenas are a witch hunt

To heck with Article One

I can do anything I want

Even if it’s just for fun


So go ahead and bray you donkeys

See if I give a whit

Send your impeachment articles to the Senate

My buddies there will never convict






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