Ring Farley from the Afton Avenger sat down recently with President Donald Trump for this interview. Mr. Trump said he was interested in a news venue that wasn’t “fake”.  As readers of the Avenger know, we are anything but fake, but rather natural, organic, free range, and honest.

  1. Mr. President have you made America great again?
  2. As you know, I have reversed the carnage that came before me and now we have the greatest economy ever, the strongest military ever, and all real Americans would agree.It’s all because of me, a stable genius.
  3. Did Russia interfere in the 2016 election?
  4. Russia?Russia? It is a hoax.  Russia didn’t get me elected.  I got elected because of ME.
  5. But the Mueller report says that Russia did interfere substantially and systematically.
  6. That whole Mueller thing was initiated by Democrats, and FBI loyalists to Hillary Clinton.It was a witch hunt that found no collusion, no obstruction, and I was totally exonerated.
  7. But Mueller said you weren’t exonerated.
  8. Mueller is a dottering old fool.Did you see his testimony?  He stumbled and mumbled and practically drooled on the table.  His performance was a disaster.
  9. But what parts of his report were untrue?
  10. Are you kidding?All of it, except where they found no collusion.
  11. Do you think you’ll be impeached?
  12. I don’t think the Dems in the House have the guts, but if they do, I will never be convicted in the Senate, and I can use this charade against them when I run again in 2020.So, I say, go for it.
  13. Let’s move on.The governor of Puerto Rico recently resigned when the people rose up and demanded his departure.  What do you think of that?
  14. Puerto Rico is a disaster, but not because of me.I’ve done more for the island than anyone.  I brought the Miss Universe contest to them, which caused millions to flow into their coffers.  After the hurricane I went there and threw paper towels to them. What more do they want?
  15. Mr. President, you recently criticized four progressive congresswomen of color, telling them to go back to where they came from—three of which were born in American cities—and one in Somalia, later to become an American citizen.At your rally the crowd chanted “Sent her back”.  Do you have any regrets?
  16. I don’t do regrets.They, along with the rest of the Dems, want to turn this country into a socialist swamp like Venezuela.  They hate me, and therefore hate America.  Because, I AM AMERICA!  By the way, you are sounding more and more like fake news.
  17. I can assure you, Mr. President, we are all natural, and all American as well.

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