The Moon of Mars

President Donald Trump says he doesn’t want to go to the moon.  Been there, done that.  Instead he wants to go to Mars, of which the Moon is a part.  Critics jumped on this by asserting he thinks Mars has a Moon. Apologists state that what he really meant was that some scientists believe that to get to Mars you first have to go to the Moon as a jumping off point.  Who knows?  Regardless it seems that the path to Mars goes through the Moon.  So I guess you could say that the POTUS is mooning us.

Trump also wants us to get on board with something he calls Space Force.  It would be another branch of the military.  Apparently it cannot be an extension of the Air Force because in space there is no air.  I guess funding would have to come through Congress.  Good luck with that.  We can’t even get Congress and the White House to agree to fund our crumbling infrastructure right here on Earth.  Haven’t heard too much lately about Space Force either because Trump is too busy tweeting nasty things about Pelosi and Bet Midler.  Or maybe it’s because he has the attention span of a gnat.

Of the two dozen or so Democrats running for President I haven’t heard anyone comment about our space program, although maybe their position is buried somewhere on their websites. They are too busy sucking up to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire at town halls, state fairs, and backyard barbeques. From what I’ve heard no one is pushing them on their space program platform.

Bottom line is who really wants to go to the Moon or Mars?  The Moon is covered with white dust, and Mars with red dust.  Maybe we should focus on keeping our good green Earth habitable.  Maybe we should stop pumping millions of tons of carbon daily into our atmosphere.  Now doing that would be a moon shot!

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