Mueller Speaks

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel investigating Russian interference into our elections and possible coordination with the Trump campaign, and potential obstruction of justice broke his silence yesterday.  Here, paraphrasing, is what he said:

Yo.  I know youse have been waiting to hear from me after two years of silence.  Well, after two years of in-depth investigation here is what we found: Russia interfered in our 2016 election in a systematic and substantial way in order to malign one candidate and promote another.  You can guess which is which.  Although we did not find a criminal conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump campaign, we documented numerous contacts, which leads one to wonder why. Further, in the second part of the report we documented several episodes that could be considered obstruction of justice, just sayin’.  While we couldn’t indict a sitting president due to our DOJ rule, we didn’t exonerate him. If we could have we would have said so, dammit.  In our report we note the limit of our authority to charge a sitting president, but we do point out that the constitution provides a remedy that congress can exercise.  It starts with “I” and rhymes with “peach”.  Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.  Today I am packing up my desk and closing down the Office of Special Counsel.  I don’t intend to say anything more, even if subpoenaed before congress, than is in the damn report. So read the damn report. I’m outta here.

Hearing from the oracle himself has got the dems in a lather.  Chairman Nadler says Trump is a liar and all options are on the table. Even the moderates are saying the same thing, but are yet reluctant to drop the “I” bomb.  Firebrands are saying it is time to pull the trigger, to hell with the political consequences.  Pundits are saying that if the House votes to impeach removal from office will never happen in the Republican dominated Senate, and Trump will cry that he is a victim of a deep state treasonous conspiracy that will play well with his base a assure his re-election.  Whatever.

Notwithstanding political considerations there comes a time that compels representatives to do their constitutional duty and investigate.  If the White House continues to stonewall congresses legitimate calls for documents and testimony, then the only way to bring sunlight to this process is to begin impeachment proceedings.  Mueller’s report provides the road map.  Now it is time for Congress to hit the road.

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