Constipational Crisis

Democrats in the House want to see White House records and have administration operatives testify before committees.  They also want to see Trump’s tax returns.  Trump is stonewalling saying he will ignore congressional subpoenas.  Pundits are saying we are in a constitutional crisis. That may be.  Nevertheless it is clear we are in a crisis of constipation.

While the stalemate continues everything is backed up.  No progress on health care, infrastructure, immigration, gun safety, trade policy or Russian interference are examples.  House dems can pass all the legislation they want, but good luck getting it through the senate or signed by the president.

In the meantime both sides are doing what they can without cooperation from the other.  Trump is exercising his executive authority to the max by having his administrators roll back Obama era regulations and appointing conservative judges.  He is also moving pentagon money around to fund his border wall.  Dems cry foul.  The constitution gives the House the power of the purse, but Trump tries to go around the legislators by evoking executive decrees.  Again, dems cry foul and see you in court.

Some say it is time to impeach.  Others say gather more evidence.  Some say Trump actually welcomes impeachment, as it will bolster his contention that there is a deep state conspiracy against him, which will mobilize his base for the 2020 election.  In the meantime we are in a deep state of constipation.

Candidates on the campaign trail say they don’t hear much about the inside beltway machinations. People are concerned about climate change, the falling price of soy beans, crumbling roads and bridges, the opioid crisis, and the cost of health care.  They are tired of perpetual war, and are nervous about the growing national debt.  People used to look to government to solve problems.  Now they have lost, or are losing faith that government can get anything done.

Unfortunately I think we are in for a couple more years of constipation.  Pass the ex-lax.

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  1. Excellent post. And unfortunately there’s no end in sight to the crisis. Guess the answer is to get the canyon crew together for some group commiseration…



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