Bumble Bees

“His head is full of bumble bees, his pride hangs down below his knees.”

–John Prine, The Lonesome Friends of Science on The Tree of Forgiveness CD

Years ago on the farm my father was mowing pasture when he hit a nest of bumble bees.  They swarmed around his head, stinging him several times. He had to go to the hospital but lived to tell about it.

Political junkie that I am I try to keep up with everyday developments with all things probing Trump, the Mueller investigation, and congressional inquiries.  My head is full of bumble bees and I can’t keep it all straight.  There’s so much buzzing around.

The House Judiciary Committee has issued requests for information from 81 individuals and entities. If they don’t get what they want, they’ll issue subpoenas.   How would you like to be a staffer that has to comb through all the information to distill relevant information?  I didn’t think so.  Trump has called it a witch-hunt, claims for the hundredth time there was no collusion, calls investigations into his business dealings unfair, and says the Democrats are out to impeach him.  Republicans call it a fishing expedition.  I wonder how they’ll spin it if fish are found.

My fear is this process will drag on forever until every stone is unturned, and there are a lot of stones in the field.  In the meantime Trump’s approval ratings are slowly creeping up, and he’s counting on his base to hold, predicting another election victory as he assumes the dems will nominate a left-wing socialist.  Cue the nickname generator.  There are quanta of Democrats vying for the nomination, with more yet to come.  It would be easier to name anyone who is not running.  Oy vey!

Last week at the hearing Michael Cohen called Trump a racist, a con, and a cheat.  He outlined a litany of Trump’s transgressions, and produced documentation.  The repubs response:  LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE (ad infinitum).  Stay tuned for more testimony to come from many others.

Meantime there are multiple issues not being addressed:  climate change aggravating the cycle of natural disasters from fires to floods to tornados, a crumbling infrastructure, a ballooning national debt, world conflicts, prescription drug prices, growing white supremacy groups, and gun violence to name a few.  Maybe we can address these and other critical issues and still investigate whether the POTUS has engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors.  In the meantime bumble bees are buzzing around everyone’s heads. I hope we don’t get stung. Buzzzzz….

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