Can’t Live Without

The StoryWorth question of the week is what are some things that I can’t live without.  On a fundamental level, it is pretty simple: air, water, food and good digestion. And an immune system and blood that clots when skin is cut.

But as the scriptures say, man does not live by bread alone. It is a way of saying that you need the word of God, not just bread.  Well, if God wants to say something to me, I’ll listen.

Beyond the basic survival mode, here are some things I prefer not to live without:  love, family, friends, good music (good music is music I like), good books, a guitar, a nice home, a snow blower, a lawn mower, a chain saw, tools, cars, Medicare, Social Security, toothpaste, board games, TV, sports on TV, nature, swimming pools, a smoker grill, golf, pickle ball, warm clothes, the US Mail, libraries, and laundry detergent.  Oh, yes, and computers and the internet.  I could go on about hearing aids and ink pens, but you get the drift.  If I were still employed I would say well-compensated meaningful work, but I’m retired and I’ve “earned it”.

On a broader level, here are some things I’d prefer not to do without:  democracy, the US Constitution, science, truth, honest politicians (oxymoron?), community, altruism, empiricism, poetry, drama, values, ethics, satire, ecology, and sensible regulation (e.g., regulation I agree with).

Here are some things I can do without:  bad music (includes most rap, bad country songs, and anything sung on American Idol), people who talk over each other, self righteous jerks on all ends of the political spectrum, stuff that needs constant maintenance or repair, dogs that bite, mosquitoes, black flies, chiggers, true believers of all stripes, off shore tax havens for the wealthy, and Donald Trump.

This has been an exercise in serendipity.  I am sure you could create your own list.  In the meantime it is February in Minnesota, piles of snow are on the ground, and more is coming.  Someday the snow will turn to water.  It will soak into the ground and Spring will green again.  Or if it melts too fast it could flood.  We could do without that.





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  1. Love your lists. I’m particularly struck by the inclusion of mosquitos, black flies and chiggers, knowing that you are headed to Wild River to enjoy the snow, and knowing that Wild River is where we experienced the worst mosquitoes I’ve ever endured. Hoping that winter there is far more enjoyable!


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