Shutdown Blues

My name is Donald Trump, y’all

Now give me 5 bill for the wall

I’m sure you’ve heard it on the news

I’m giving you the shutdown blues


Mexico is bringing drugs, crime, and disorder

To America’s Southern border

The only way to keep us safe

Is to put a concrete wall in place


New House members try to block my whims

This shutdown is the fault of Dems

I told Chuck and Nancy I’d take the blame

And be glad to play the shutdown game


But now I see on the fake news

That people blame me for shutdown blues

They are misguided, don’t you see

I’m just trying to protect our country


Mexico pays, I said correctly

Although probably indirectly

Through our great trade deals that will yield

Enough revenue to fund our shield


But Mr. Prez, the whiners spark

Trash builds up in national parks

Federal workers don’t get paid

Who cares?  They’re all Dems anyway


So, whiners, I say with a yawn

Go to your landlord and mow his lawn

Offer to work as an in-kind favor

If he will only grant you a rent waiver


A while back I was willing to sign the bill

Until Coulter and Rush came on shrill

And said if I did I’d lose face

With my powerful friends the base


Mitch says he won’t bring to the floor

Any bill I won’t sign at my door

They tell me some Senators are starting to crack

But I know that most still have my back

I’m prepared to hold out as long as it takes

I know my posture makes the liberals shake

The longer this drags out the worse it gets

So they say, I could give a rip


If I don’t get my way, just wait and see

I’ll declare a national emergency

Then send the Army Corps to build the wall

And put an end to this frustrating stall


You can’t do that, the whiners say

I’m the friggin’ president, now go away

But your actions will be blocked by courts

Who cares?  Says I, with a snort


I sure do like the power I’ve got

To keep the whiners tied in knots

There are no other points of view

While I keep up the shutdown blues


How will all this end, who knows?

Does the emperor have no clothes?

Keep harping on this, that, and the other

Oh, no, through the door comes Robert Mueller!






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