Mind Changes

StoryWorth wants to know about anything that I’ve changed my mind about over the years.  Here’s what pops into my head:

  • I like black olives now.
  • Things don’t go better with Coke. Or any other sugary soft drink.
  • I’ve come to realize that it takes more than facts to change people’s opinion.
  • I’ve come to realize that some people believe in “alternative facts.”
  • I’ve come to realize that things don’t always trend toward the better.
  • I miss songs with compelling lyrics.
  • I miss songs with any lyrics.
  • I used to think that some people were not evil, just misinformed. Now I’m not so sure.
  • I used to have faith in the political system. Still do.  Kind of.
  • General Electric used to have an ad that said Progress is our Most Important Product.I believe Ronald Reagan used to pitch for GE.  Progress?
  • I used to think that you could boil a frog if you turned up the heat real slow. Then I heard that was an urban myth.  I’ve not tried it.  However, when younger, I once froze a frog because I heard they came back to life.  I unthawed it and it was very dead.
  • In second grade all the boys ran around with jeans without belts. However, to pull this off you had to have somewhat of a big butt.  I prayed for a big butt. It happened.  Only time I remembered that my prayer was answered.  Today I wear a belt, even though I wouldn’t have to.
  • For years, I kept thinking if I had the time I would write a novel. Since retirement I have the time, but don’t think it will happen. Not sure what I would say.

Well, I could ramble on, but won’t.  I think about things that I haven’t changed my mind about, and they are numerous. Like being a Democrat.  Like thinking the New Deal was a Great Deal. Like getting all jazzed up about jazz. Like digging good old rock n roll, R&B, and Soul music.  I’m a Soul Man!

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