Dug Bites

StoryWorth wants to know this week about my favorite joke.  I am not much for remembering jokes, but do have a memory of a funny scene. Peter Sellers (now dead, starred in the Pink Panther movie series, among other films) had a scene that goes something like this.  I don’t remember the movie.

A man approaches another man that has a dog beside him.

“Mousier”, says the first man, “does your dug (dog—he pronounces dog as dug, ha ha) bite?

Second man:  “No, Mousier, my dug (pronounces dog as dug as well) does not bite.

First man reaches down to pet the dog, who promptly growls and bites him.

First man, pulling back his bitten hand:  “Mousier, I thought you said your dug does not bite.”

Second man:  “But, Mousier, that is not my dug.”


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