I Really Do Care

The First Lady’s jacket read this, it’s true:

I really don’t care, do U?

Which leads me to wonder, this:

Care about what do you diss?


She flew to the border line

To see if the children were fine

They were clothed and fed

Had three hots and a bed

What more could they want instead?


Some say the words on her back

Was a way to get back at the hacks

That spout out their views

On media fake news

That they all love to attack


Still it seems very perplexing

She’d show with a statement so vexing

While on a mercy mission

Covered by television

What’s that you say they were texting?


So I think I’ll let the mystery be

About what message was for you and me

Is it really quite true

That she really doesn’t care, do U?

Don’t quite get the relevancy


What I really care about, sadly

Is when the kids will see Mommy and Daddy

Is when the thousands scattered to four winds

Will reunite with their parents again

That’s what I care about, true

You see I do care, what about U?

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